Real Wood Floors

What is a Hardwood Floor?

All wood floors are made up of separate planks that are usually fitted together with a tongue and groove method. The planks vary in their construction. Some are made from one piece of solid wood per plank. This type is not suitable for use with under floor heating as the heat can warp the natural wood floor. There are milled single strip planks which are made from multiple layers of hardwood and set onto the plank as a single strip piece. This engineered wood floor plank is suitable for use with under floor heating. The third style type is called the milled three strip range which is made up from multiple layers of hardwood and set into the plank in three strips side by side.

Which ever plank style you choose you can be sure that once fitted a real wood floor gives you exceptional quality and superior style. Wood floors will require a little routine maintenance to keep them looking there best. If looked after a natural wood floor will look great for years and undoubtedly add value to your home.

Wood Floor Installation

Once you have chosen the preferred style of wood floor there are some requirements to consider before installation. Our real Wood Floor fitters recommend that wood floors be installed using the floating floor method onto a wood underlay. Not only does this help to absorb any undulations in the sub floor and reduce noise, it will provide greater warmth and comfort for your newley fitted wood floor.

It is also highly recommended that a hard wood product is to be acclimatised to the conditions of the area where it is to be fitted. Where possible our wood floor fitters Recommend that three days should be allocated prior to installing a real wood floor for acclimatisation. The existing floor must be clean and level before installation and any necessary screeding or leveling must be fully dry and cured before fitting a real wood floor.

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