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Laminate flooring is a multi layered synthetic flooring product fused together by a lamination process. Laminate flooring simulates real wood and has recently grown in popularity as it is quick to install, very easy to keep clean and more cost effective than real wood products. It's also durable, hygienic and can be installed over many sub floors which makes fitting a laminate floor a great alternative to Real wood.

Laminate Floor

Laminate Flooring
Floors and carpets laminate flooring installers fit laminate onto foam underlay using a floating floor technique. This helps to reduce moisture entering the laminate flooring product and also reduces noise and retains heat.

Floors and Carpets recommend that any skirting boards be removed before installation of laminate floors and replaced once the floor is fitted. If this is not an option, as is the case with many older properties, then a small beading trim can be fitted around the edge of the Laminate floor to ensure a neat and tidy finish is achieved.

Floors and carpets can offer you a wide choice of Laminate Flooring.
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