Karndean Tiles

Karndean Tiles

Karndean Tiles offer the beauty of natural products like real wood grain, stunning marble and the subtle textures of limestone and slate, without the hassle of routine maintenance or the expense.

Whichever range of Karndean tile you choose, you can be sure that each Karndean tile has been carefully designed to look authentic. Karndean floors will give you all the great characteristics of natural flooring materials without looking uniform. Tile colours are defined with variable shades and tones just as they are in natural wood and stone.

Karndean tiles are warmer to the touch, more comfortable, durable and more practical than real wood or stone. The Karndean tile itself is easy to keep clean without the porous surface that real wood or stone may posses and the numerous styles and combinations of laying patterns available with karndean, combined with the use of design strips and borders really does mean that the possibilities with karndean tiles are endless. The only problem with Karndean is choosing a style.

Fitted Karndean

Karndean Floor Preparation

It is essential that Karndean tiles are layed onto a sound level sub floor. Floors and Carpets karndean fitters can provide sub floor preparation prior to karndean tile installation. If the existing floor is concrete a top screed is required before laying the karndean to provide the required laying surface. If the existing floor is wood or hardboard the laying area will have to be ply boarded prior to installing karndean to ensure the best possible results. The result is a durable easily maintained great looking karndean floor that will look good for years to come. Karndean is not just a floor, it's a long term investment into your property. For some examples of karndean please view the Karndean website Karndean Website.

Feel free to contact Floors and Carpets for a free quote on Karndean Flooring, our expert Karndean fitters can also offer advice on what style may best suit the floor area to be fitted.

Fitted Kardean Tiles